The Ancient Spanish Monastery Wedding // James & Gigi

They laugh. They sing. They cry. These are the Garlinghouse's. A family who constantly injects happiness and raw emotion to the atmosphere and who traveled from all across the world to witness the true and unbounded love of James and Gigi at the Ancient Spanish Monastery in North Miami Beach, Florida.

I mean, if you can't agree that James and Gigi are the best friends you never thought you needed, then I'm not sure we can be friends! haha. Scroll down and see their story unfold in a series of beautiful events :)


Pinecrest Gardens Wedding // Diane & Daniel

Diane is everything that Daniel is not and that's the perfect yin and yang that I love to see out in the wild! With that said, both are passionate and beautiful kind souls that know how to have a great time with those they love and really make it noticed. They invited 30 of their closest people, had a 15 minute ceremony and enjoyed their wedding day at Pinecrest Gardens. Truly an honor to have documented their day on April 1st none-the-less! (It was actually purposely done on April 1st. They are also jokesters *keep scrolling*)