Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden Engagement Shoot // Cal & Thais

I met Thais in college and Thais met Cal at a cool wine spot in Wynwood. These two are a perfect example of why South Florida is amazing because he's Scottish and she's Brazilian :) When it's meant to be, it's meant to be. No and, if or buts.

Funny enough, none of us had actually been to Fairchild even though we all spend a lot of time in the Old Cutler/Pinecrest area. So it was nice to take a couple hours to explore the grounds and photograph in places as we saw them evolve. Pro tip: get there as soon as they open so you can shoot with no one (almost no one) there :) The park is IMMENSE. So if any other couple wants to explore the other half of the park with me, send me an email and lets make it happen!


Sam Hurd Epic Workshop // Evolution is everything!

I had the opportunity to attend Sam Hurd's Epic Workshop yesterday and it completely BLEW MY MIND! See for yourself :) I took the portraits below of my good friend Masson and his wife, Jessica meanwhile Sam did his magic. Hope you like them because I have crazy new ideas I want to try!