Ruben + Jenny // Redland's Couple Session

Remember Jenny and Ruben guys? Well, they're back! I'll be honest and say that we were taking Jen's grad pictures and got a little carried away. We kinda went ahead and made a whole entire shoot in my backyard (yup, that's at mi casa).

The shoot went extra smooth besides the occasional Floridian mosquito gnawing at any exposed skin. I was excited to try some new poses and Ruben stopped me. He told me that he loved my candid style of photographing where he can just be affectionate with Jen and be completely natural. Those words put a big smile on my face because it proves the effect that my initial approach has: just act normal and let me photograph you.

Such a simple thing and it goes such a long way. I do pose my couples but only as much as they need it. Some people are naturals and they are just so graceful that it makes my job stupid easy. But for the other 95% of us, we need a little guidance and that is a-o-kay :)