From Me to You: A Hello Post

Welcome to the new website! Please grab a chair and feel at home. Cuddle up with a mug of hot-coco and go through all the good stuff. I'll be posting weddings, experiences and random lovely things through my blog, so RSS that puppy asap. Follow me on Instagram for my ego, like that Facebook page so my grandma can see it and ultimately, I hope my images can transmit something of value to you on a regular basis. 


It means that I get to create art out of moments. I don't want to just document a moment, I want to create ART with it. I think of it like this. Let's say you're Vanessa & Marge up there being cute. How freaking awesome would it be to walk into your new home and see a giant 2 by 3 foot metallic print of yourselves under a spectacular hammock that represents the city you love and the city that let your love flourish? AWESOME RIGHT?! That is my aim every. Single. Damn. Time.

I want to tell your story through my vision and I do it by getting to know you as individuals and as a couple. This lets me know the dynamics of your relationship and it becomes the guidelines on how to tell your love story through my photographs. It's really that simple folks. 

Ready for the holidays?