Who do I photograph for?

I photograph for your children's children and for my need to capture life at its most important moments like your wedding day. The first wedding I ever shot was as an assistant's assistant and I remember looking around and loving the chaos. A weird thing to say, but those heightened emotions are everything! The inevitable shed of tears and the not knowing where they came from. It was a reflection of every aspect of life rolled up into one fabulous evening that I got to freeze with my little camera.

A portrait of the photographer Jessenia Gonzalez

From that day on, I shoot weddings like it's my playground. Full of swings and play things where everyone gets to hang out and have a blast. I'm honored to capture it all. The good, the bad, the ugly.

My approach is very organic. I know the timeline of the day and I position myself to grab the right moment at the right time. I'd say 90% of the day is un-posed other than a suggestion here or there for the best light and that's how my couples like it. Sometimes I get asked if I'm related to the bride or groom because I'm everywhere but not shouting from the rooftops directing every inch of them. So I'll add "cousin with a camera" to my resume :) 

When it comes to the other 10% of the day, that's for the family formal shots before or after the ceremony and your beautiful couple's portrait. These are super simple and with lots of love. I'll organize your family and friends with some help of your maid of honor and we'll let them go back and enjoy themselves the rest of the night. The moment we get those out of the way, we'll take your gorgeous photos in a natural manner. I'll prompt you goofy things that will make you laugh and giggle so every photo is worthy of an authentic smile. Your portraits should reflect you as a couple and the way you love each other dearly.

So if all of that sounds like what you're looking for in your wedding photographer, please contact me by using the form below. I would absolutely be thrilled to capture your wedding story anywhere around the world!